Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nothing to Worry About

The scores of Indian batsmen at MCG on friday in the only T20 match of the tournament resembled a mobile number-where digit are said individually.With only Irfan Pathan scoring 26-was the only person to have recorded a double digit score.The rest of the scores were as follows:9,0,8,1,8,9,6,1,0&3.Only three fours in a match which is said to be a batsmen's paradise-out of which two of them being scored after the boundary ropes were pulled back by 10 metres.Just a miss when it came to breaking into the record books for the lowest total in T20.

hmm..this was not the way the world champions of T20 were expected to perform by the fans all over.The match was almost over when it was considered as a "practice match before going into the ODI series" by M.S.Dhoni in a press conference prior to the match.With much of the faces of the likes of Robin Utthappa,Dinesh Karthik,Gautam Gambir,Rohith Sharma,Praveen Kumar and Sreesanth being new to Australian pitches,the result could not be different than expected.Words and history may say whatever..but the game of cricket has different plans when on the field.

A 27-ball 9 runs by captain M.S.Dhoni was not a captain's knock that was expected.It seemed as though the Indians were out there looking only to experiment with everything on the field to prove their captain's words true.Well..if this is to be beleived,we expect a far better performance than the Australians and Sri Lankans whom they will be facing in the ODI series shortly.


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