Friday, February 22, 2008

A Contest Between Two Similar Teams!

The 8th match between India and Sri Lanka of the Commonwealth Bank Series in Adelaide Oval turned out to be a funny one.Something similar foolish things was found to have been done by both the teams over there.Both the teams were found to have been fined for slow over rates,both the team's face being saved by one or a couple of players,with the rest of them only being to fill the vacancies.

Both the players who have played more than 400 ODI matches were found to have been out for a duck.Both opening batsmen(Sachin & Jayasuriya) being out for a duck.Wicketkeepers saving the face for their teams in both the innings.A captain's knock in both the innings of the match.

The first interesting match of the series,after every other match being almost predictable,this match was on for both the teams out there and untill the last moment,evoking thrill among the fans/spectators in the stands.Finally,no team was either a winner or a loser.The result was only official according to my opinion.Equal display of talent by both the teams would not be a wrong statement.

If it was India who walked away with the match,there was some consolation for Sri Lanka also by grabbing a bonous point.And the man of the match being awarded to Kumara Sangakkara showed just that.If there was Yuvraj Singh & Dhoni for India,there was Sangakkara& Jayawardane for Sri Lanka.

The match was like a game of tug of war with both the teams displaying equal strength.Even a loss to team India wouldn't have disappointed the fans I believe.This is what I call a perfect match.The pressure was on until the end of the game.A perfect treat for all cricket fans...Worth the money the fans would have spent in buying tickets...Isn't it?

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