Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can There Ever Be A Solution?

Much was being spoken about the challenges that the upcomming Commonwealth Bank Series 2008 involving Australia,Sri Lanka and India.It was gossips,rumors,chats etc etc..everywhere.But what happenned so far isn't that good as expected..It is really a pity that most of the times the weather forecast turns out to be wrong.With the first two ODIs being washed out because of rain,the series isn't going to be that interesting.And adding to the issue is that both the matches that have been washed out owing to rain involves team India-who are at their best when it comes to the blame game.

When the match gets washed out,the blame is just put on the rain.But,it is really frustrating to see that no one ever bothers to take the rain factor into consideration.If anyone asks as to what could be done with regard to rain,just a moment..I've an answer for it..

There are lots you can work on the issue..the first and foremost thing would be to think several times before hosting a match at such a more option would be to stop issuing tickets when such a doubt takes over the mind..when it comes to test matches,sparing an extra day would not be a bad idea..

One thing that needs to be noticed is the fact that in case of rains,there is a total change in the weather as well as the conditions of the pitch.Its absolutely not scientific to retain that previous toss result.Hence a re-toss would be a positive move.It was just foolish considering that the match be continued the next day rather than being replayed(which was done in 1999 WC for the match involving India & England) which had total changes in all aspects.

We have the great Duckworth Lewis method of predicting match results in weather hit ODIs.Considering the match involving Sri Lanka and South Africa in the 2003 WC,it was said "had SA scored a run extra or hod lost a wicket less,they would have won".Look at the way the normal ODI goes on..the rule says that "the team batting second has to score more runs than the team batting first irrespective of the number of wickets lost by the team batting second".If this is true,than in what way does the Duckworth Lewis method make justice to the game?

One more funny declaration that comes to my mind is the Peshawar ODI involving India-Pakistan in 2006 when Pakistan was declared as the winner by 7 runs.How can a team batting second win by a certain amount of runs?Ha ha ha...

The other method is that involving run rates-which takes into account the run rates of the previous matches that the team has played in order to get into the next round,irrespective of the pitch conditions of those matches.How rediculous!

I feel that it is high time that the ICC casts its eyes on these aspects as well rather than going behind petty issues like racism,Rohith Sharma for showing dissent at the umpires decision.Is the ICC hearing???

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