Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back To The Pivilion

After the T20 wins by England against New Zealand-at Aukland and Christchurch,I was a bit relieved that there is something to watch out for in English cricket.The two T20 wins made so much impact on me that I was forced to write a coloumn headed "A Silver Lining In England's Cloud" But,not to a greater extent.I'm sorry.

The team showed no signs of being a noted opposition when it came to the one dayers.I was totally mistaken about England's ability in ODI cricket.With winning or losing being a different topic altogether,it is always the effort & performance that deserves much praise.England didn't even a little bit of that it seemed.A modest total of 130??This total was overshadowed by New Zealand with as many as 20 overs to spare.

The match reminded me about the fact that the T20 and the one dayers being different forms altogether.In the recent past,after the series loss to India and Sri Lanka,England dosen't seem to play even test cricket as seriously as it used to in the period between 2003-05,with victories against Australia,New Zealand,South Africa,Zimbabwe,West Indies and Bangladesh.

After the first match loss to New Zealand,I wish England stand up and show some teeth,by putting up a better performance in the upcomming ODI matches in the series irrespective of the match result."Its always next time"

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