Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well Done Kumble..

"To err is human,to forgive is devine"->The famous Vivekananda saying had so much imprssion on Anil Kumble that,he practically showed on January 14th by dropping the racial abuse charges against Australian CHINAMAN bowler Brad Hogg.This showed the spirit of a true sportsman which was proved once again by Anil Kumble.

Anil Kumble who took the word B!@#$%d targetted against him and vice captain M S Dhoni lightly, showed his great calibre not only on the field but also off it.The statement was however said sarcastically,but that was not the way it was taken by his counterpart Ricky Ponting when he claimed that Harbhajan had racially abused his team mate Andrew Symonds.In this aspect,he(Kumble) scores over him.Finally,it was the Indian captain who put a full stop to the ugly aftermath of the Sydney test.

With the removal of Steve Bucknor by the ICC on which was a must after the bad umpiring decesions at the SCG,it looks like that was all the Indians needed.With the Harbhajan case still pending before the ICC,the Indians had no reasons to drop charges against Hogg.When asked about it,all he said was that he(Kumble) wanted to concentrate on the upcomming Perth test-where the Australians would be looking foreward for a 17th straight win in tests.

Well the only way to punish the Australians is to stop them from breaking their own record of 16 test wins to score the 17th.All cricket fans from all over the world would be looking foreward to this after the ugly behaviour of the Sydney test.We hope that Ricky Ponting and his men have learnt a lesson to be sportive and not blow things out of proportion.Once again Well done Jumbo!

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