Monday, January 14, 2008

Three Day Tests??

Ha Ha..just think of tests being reduced from five day affairs to three days.No,i'm not talking about the ACT test against India.But,its the New Zealand-Bangladesh test series that happenned recently that got over in just three days.It just looks like Bangladesh are here to take a tour of New Zealand rather than concentrate on their cricket and try to win matches.A win against non-test playing nations viz..Bermuda,Kenya,Zimbabwe etc in ODI's is all that Bangladesh is satisfied about right now.

With a good coach in Dav Watmore-who was he Sri Lankan coach in the WC 1996,and some good players like Habibul Bashar,captain Mohd Ashraful and co,the Bangladesh Cricket board should not be complaining at all.Though not much is expected from the Bangladesh players,the two defeats against New Zealand is not just reasonable.The two tests got over in three days,with the second one by an innings.Perhabs!Had Bradman played against teams of such calibre,his average would have been well past hundred.Isn't it?

The tests not only show the lack of hardwork in Bangladesh cricket,but also raises questions about the test status being given to them.Seven years after being given test status(Bangladesh were given test status on June 2000),with so much technology in today's cricket,its sad to say that Bangladesh is not performing upto the mark.Bangladesh have so far won only one test drawing five and losing 21.

The game of cricket is not all about winning or losing.Its the performance put up by the players on the field.Having wins against decent teams like India(2),Pakistan,Australia Sri Lanka and offlate South Africa in ODI's,its not the case in tests.The only team against which Bangdesh has won so far is Zimbabwe,along with draws against India,West Indies.

The way it put Australia into trouble in the series in 2005-06,showed up some hopes though it lost the test.And also the match that Bangladesh almost won against Pakistan in 2003-04 if not for the heroics of Inzy shows some satisfaction.With such talent in the team,why isn't it a regular gesture?Why always on bluemoons?

With ICC keen on globalising cricket,theres a lot of hard work for teams like Bangladesh to do.The positive approach in this regard would be to cut down tests from the existing 5 to 3 days in matches involving bangladesh.The other one would be to make them play against teams like Kenya,Bermuda,Zimbabwe etc..

A player is dropped if he dosen't play upto the mark.But what if the entire team is out of form?If nothing works out,just cancel its test status like it did for Zimbabwe.Else the lone suffer is the game of cricket.

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