Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One winner and one loser theory

Well in any game and more so in cricket, one team has to win while the other has to lose. I specially cite cricket as an example in this regard for, chances of a tie are as rare compared to games like hockey and soccer. In cricket there is no or hardly any room for time out which is quite evident from the fact that till date no batsman has been out after taking to the crease after 1.5 minute as the rule goes. That aside, yesterday there was a game between Canada and Kenya which though was of little or no importance but there was a 50 over game.

There was 95% of the game that went by with one team taking home the honors and the other team a "best of luck in the next game". But, one thing that is to be seen and appreciated is the fact that the stadium was full despite the teams being just for the sake of it. One advantage of such a game would be that spectators do not come in support of any team unlike when it is the case when the teams playing are India and Pakistan. Cheers are heard all over irrespective of any tongue twister from Kenya scores a boundary or and Indian born Canadian takes a wicket.

Even whether gods seem to favor such games when a match between Sri Lanka and Australia gets washed out due to rain. People who come to stadium to watch such games should either be jobless or have to an avid cricket enthusiast. I totally forgot to mention that it is only for such games that tickets are available with minimum effort and may be at a lesser price compared to tough competitions. If the players battle it out on the field, spectators battle it out outside the stadium. But, this match seems to lack both onfield as well as off the field competition.

Speaking cricket, there was a 4 wicket haul taken by a Canadian bowler when Henry Osinde had figures of 4/26 from his allotted 10 overs. This saw Kenya losing all ten wickets but played their full quota of 50 overs allotted to them. If history is to be considered, then Kenya should have been found playing much more better cricket which two cups back saw them make it to the semis of the world cup after a lot of support from Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Likewise, even Canada have been involved in upsets when they beat Bangladesh in 2003 world cup and with a batsman in John Davidson who scored the fastest 100 of a world cup at that time.

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