Friday, January 21, 2011

John Wright has to worry

Well very few players get a chance to coach the very same team for which they were playing years ago and John Wright is one of those lucky ones to have managed that when he now stands as the coach of the New Zealand team which is totally a different team compared to the team which he was coaching some 5 years ago. John Wright coached India until 2005 and during his tenure as the Indian coach, he was successful in seeing India make it to the finals of two world tournaments namely the ICC Champions trophy 2002 and ICC world cup in 2003.

Not only did he do this but in addition, John Wright saw Indian team win against all opposition except Australia in the 2003 world cup. Now, with John Wright being the coach of his home team, he has pointed the 11 losses of his team in succession and much to anyone's amazement, all those losses that the Kiwis have suffered have been against sub continent teams which includes Bangladesh as well in addition to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. New Zealand is one of those rare teams to have had 4 losses against Bangladesh in a span of 13 days between 5th October 2010 and 17th October 2010.

Added to those 4 losses, New Zealand's one off match against Bangladesh was abandoned which made them return penniless from that tour of Bangladesh. One can recall the West Indies team being whitewashed by Bangladesh in mid 2009 with most of the performers from West Indies going on strike leaving their U-19 players to take to the field. This was not the case with New Zealand whatsoever. To make things even more worse, New Zealand's losses to Bangladesh was even more than what they faced against Sri Lanka. New Zeland lost 2 games against Sri Lanka compared to 4 against Bangladesh.

With most of the teams around the world boycotting their tour of Pakistan and New Zealand being one among them, they lost the chance of losing to Pakistan on their home soil but, that didn't stop them from favoring Pakistan when recently they lost the test series against Pakistan on their home soil 0-1. As a coincidence, new Zealand are set top play the world cup in the same venues where they have lost the aforementioned games in Dhaka, Sri Lanka and India. All these with players like Brendon McCullum, Daniel Vettori, Tim Southee to name a few big hitting names. This makes Wright's job even more tough and god knows what he vows when he says this.

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