Sunday, November 29, 2009

By Hooks or Crooks, New Zealand beat Pakistan

Pakistan might have lost out on an opportunity to host a test match but has not yet lost out on winning a test series. This despite the fact that Pakistan lost the first test to New Zealand yesterday at Dunedin by 32 runs. Thanks to some one man show by Shane Bond in terms of the bowling department of New Zealand who took 8 wickets to earn the man of the match. However, the batting department didn't lag far behind when the lower middle order batsman in Daniel Vettori bought up all his experience to miss another century by 1 run and in addition some contributions from Guptill and Taylor as well.

Despite all these positives from the New Zealand batsmen and Shane Bond and with the fact that New Zealand won the first test, I'd still say that it was a fluke that New Zealand won the match and not by talent. A close look at the New Zealand players irrespective of which department they belonged to, their body language was never found to speak for them whatsoever. Except for Shane Bond, none of the New Zealand players ever showed any sort of enthusiasm in game for reasons best known to them personally. There was hardly any passion for the game from the New Zealand side.

On the other side, the Pakistani players were in the game until they lost their last wicket. The last three wicket partnership for Pakistan in the second innings lasted for as long as 17 overs and nothing would have been possible without the presence of Shane Bond. Where were the players from New Zealand when they had to face the Pakistani bowlers who just dumbfounded most of the New Zealand batsmen when they lost all their wickets for a partly score of just 153? It was not a big deal to have posted a just above 400 runs in the first innings after being put to bat by Pakistan.

It was not a bad move when the Pakistani captain chose to field first after winning the toss for, not only did bowlers from Pakistan have the guts to put pressure on the New Zealand batsmen but also that the New Zealand batting line up was thought to never rise up which unfortunately didn't happen. Once again Shane Bond's presence played a crucial role here when he took 5 Pakistani wickets restricting them for 332. That was not a bad total whatsoever by Pakistan. It was some luck that saw New Zealand score 429 runs which eventually saw them end up victorious.

One has to just wait and see how far can New Zealand can go from here onwards. Can the Kiwis win atleast one of the remaining 2 matches to win the series?


Fred said...

It's been a pretty entertaining series.

bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.