Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something There In Scotland & Canada As Well

Rarely do one cast their eyes on the cricket matches that involve lesser known nations like Bermuda, Scotland, Canada, Kenya etc to name a few. Of course, teams like Kenya have involved themselves in one day tournaments like, there was a tournament being played in Sharjah that involved Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Zimbabwe & Kenya which was the result of South Africa pulling out of the same owing to terror threat in the aftermath of the U.S invasion over Iraq way back in 2003. Another instance that I can cite is the tri series involving India, Bangladesh and Kenya in 1998.

Last, I remember a quadrangular tournament involving the Proteas, Kenya, Zimbabwe and India in October 1999. If not for these tournaments that are held once in a bluemoon, the other times where these teams are found playing international cricket would always be in mega tournaments like the ICC world cup and the ICC Champions Trophy. However, off late, the ICC looks to be damn serious in globalising the game of cricket by involving as many nations in the world as possible who would one fine day be playing decent cricket. As a result of the same, there are series' involving Canada, Scotland, Bermuda, Holland, Ireland so on to name a few.

There is an advantage in this as well for, one can watch the players from these nations as well notching up a century as it happened in the match between Canada and Scotland where Watts and Hamilton scored centuries against Canada in the first one dayer only to see Scotland lose the match by 6 wickets against Canada-which saw yet another century scored by the 35 year old Sandeep Jyothi when he notched up 117. Sad that Ashish Bagai couldn't do the same when he remained not out on 92 when Canada had won the match by 6 wickets. This is not a task that any of the teams mentioned above could do in case they were playing test playing nations barring Bangladesh.

It was good to see the Canadaian bowlers do each and everything to stop the Scottish batsmen from scoring runs at will which never happened. The Canadian captain bought to bowl all his eight bowlers but, eventually the task was done by the batsmen. The match gave us an idea that not only could these teams put up huge totals but also chase down the same when the opportunity arises. I wonder as to who on earth trained the Canadian captain to go in for a good toss when he elected to bowl, with the fact that the pitch was favoring the batsmen and chasing down a decent total on this track would not be a tough task! Oh! was a Canadian batsman who held the record for the fastest WC 100 for 4 years.

But, at the end of the match, who was the man of the match?

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