Wednesday, July 1, 2009

England Strikes The Target This Time

Finally, Andrew Strauss is able to do what his predecessors like Michael Vaughan and Nasser Hussain could do. Thrash the opposition when the opportunity arises. This is what Andrew Strauss did in the return series against the West Indies not only by defeating them in the first as well as in the second test but also win the second test by an innings. Andrew Strauss lost out an opportunity to come out with an innings win in the first test when he imposed a follow on after having a 223 run lead in the first innings of the first test. Finally, Strauss has silenced all his critics over his captaincy and has also avoided the fingers from pointing towards him.

England have once again whitewashed the West Indies after they had done under Michael Vaughan way back in 2005 where England won all four matches against West Indies. West Indies never deserve to win against any decent opposition in the world if their performance in the past decade is taken a close look at. A draw against a decent opposition meant a day of celebration for the West Indies team. All I can consider being done by the West Indies team if not for their wins against minnows Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, is the drawn test against Australia last year, a win against South Africa in late 2007 and a win against England off late a couple of months back.

And if the series results involving West Indies are considered, they have hardly won against any decent opposition in the recent past. The 1-0 series win against England a couple of months back as said would be remembered for long by the West Indies captain. Hah! Not to forget their 1-1 leveled series against Pakistan in 2005. Other that this, they had lost a home series to India 1-0 way back in 2006 where they should have lost by a 0-4 margin. It was good to see all the eight batsmen from the England team to have put up a decent show with the bat by scoring a mommoth 569. The England players showed the West Indies what they were capable of and so did the West Indies.

West Indies did what best they could do. Just crumble to a rather indecent bowling. Oh! yes..the bowling from the English bowlers were pretty decent. The better performance in the second innings of the first test by the West Indies' batsmen could not be seen in the second innings of the second test. In the second innings of the first test, West Indies scored a total of 256 as against 152 in the first innings. This helped them to avoid being defeated by an innings. However, in the second test at Chester-le-Street, the West Indies scored just 176 runs as agsinst the total of 310 put up in the first innings of the seocnd test. Proving that they can go from bad to worse. Not to worry for, the worst is yet to come.

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Vikas said...

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