Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Incomplete Tour Comes To An End

Well at last, the West Indies' tour of New Zealand comes to an end. A winner at the end of an incomplete tour turns out to be New Zealand who were very fortunate to have had that taste in such a boring encounter whatsoever. Else, who does bother as to who wins or who loses at the end of the day. All would be looking forward as to when would such a series come to an end. And not only that. All would be praying that such a series never takes off anywhere in the world. Let alone in New Zealand. I think this is the first time I have ever come across such a series, where only one match turns out not to be truncated.

This was the case since the test series began. Both the tests not only ended in a draw, but also were truncated and compromised with rain gods. Then, the first T20 game happens to be a tie, wherein the super over had to come into the scene in order to decide as to who the official winner was. However, the next T20 game was played full fledged, with New Zealand winning the same. Then, the one day matches come into picture, to disappoint the fans. Not even one single one day match went on as per scheduled. Since the first one day match, either the matches have been truncated or have been cancelled.

The scheduled five one day series was eventually played as a three match one day series. Thanks to the rain gods for making this series a memorable one for different reasons. While, the remaining three one day encounters were truncated, with the West Indies winning one and New Zealand two. This was something like a lucky dip, where New Zealand won the lot. Well, until the four one day matches, it was all disappointment. However, the fifth one day match was expected to take off as per schedule. Yes it did! How long? Until West Indies put up a massive total of 293 and New Zealand started playing hide n seek before once again rain gods did their duty.

Adding to this was the caliber of the teams battling it out there. Rather than considering West Indies to be one spot above New Zealand, better say the New Zealand are placed one position below the West Indies at number 8. This would be the ideal statement. There is no point in disputing the Duckworth-Lewis method, for none of us can come out with a better idea. Neither can one stop the showers, like making it to rain when there are no rains by rain seeding. Technology needs to be improved. Thank god that the West Indies-New Zealand series is over.

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