Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cricket Flourishing In Bangladesh?

Well the second one day international between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh might not have been able to evoke as much interest among the cricket fans whatsoever. However, if one goes by my opinion, this is one of the ideal one day match that is rarely seen in today's cricketing world. With the current one day matches being either one sided, like it happened in the recently concluded one day series between India and England, where India won all the five one day matches that were played and England had no option than to congratulate the Indians. Yuvraj Singh and Virender Sehwag especially.

scorecard reading 6 runs for the loss of five wickets in their run chase? How many of us thought that This was not the case with the recently concluded tri series involving Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. As expected by most, Sri lanka did win the finals against Bangladesh to lift the trophy. However, how many of us did expect Sri Lanka to keep their fingers crossed in the finals when they were chasing a modest total of 152 and in the process losing 8 wickets, with Sri Lankan scoreboard at one time reading 6 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. How many of us thought that Sri Lanka would lose the match to Bangladesh in the league stages? All these unexpected did happen, when most of us had termed this series to be a bored one and a predictable one.

All eyes were glued to and all minds thinking about the ongoing one day series between Australia and South Africa on the other side of the globe. This should have been the encounter that most of the cricket fans should have watched if at all they were really interested in watching an exciting game of cricket. But, to the best of my knowledge, this was not the case. Well, things might not be the same always. The next or the coming one dayers may be back to the old days of boredom.Even the Zimbabweans, who are found playing cricket once in a bluemoon were found to give the Sri Lankans and the Bangladeshis a run for their money.

A match that was termed as an obvious Sri Lankan apple pie finally had to be grabbed by SriLankans. Probably, the Sri Lankans would have defeated some stronger teams like India, England, West Indies and New Zealand more convincingly than they did against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. It is high time that teams like Bangladesh try and win games against other teams as well and in other counteies as well, so that the world of cricket would be gifted with another major team to watch out. And the sub continent would have four nations which are equally competent. If the current form of the Bangladeshi players is taken, they stand as a better team compared to West Indies and New Zealand. But, still more is expected.


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Cricket Strategist said...

We're watching Bangladesh as a potential force in world cricket over the next few hours...

There's plenty of talent here and would be good to see them bring more talent onto the global scene