Friday, December 12, 2008

Where Is Murali Karthik?

Well after the retirement of Anil Kumble, there was much speculation being made, as to who will be replacing the void left by Anil Kumble? Some names that were suggested were Amit Mishra and Piyush Chawla. Well..the idea is not bad. And not good either I can say. For, someone like Amit Mishra who made his test debut five years after coming to the international scene, after the ICC world cup 2003, in the triangular series involving Bangladesh, India and South Africa, that ws held in Bangladesh. God knows as to where Amit Mishra was hiding in all these five years. And whenever the question of a leg spinner is posed, this man was not even available in the minds of the selectors. And today Amit Mishra is considered to be the future of Indian leg spin, taking over the shoes of legendary Anil Kumble.

So, does one five wicket haul make one's international career certain?And as far as Piyush Chawla is considered, till now his name has not been figured out. But, the selectors have not yet put a full stop for this man. Well as far as his talent and hard work goes, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. But, I don't think this is the right time to bring someone like Piyush Chawla into the big stage. Else, it would be wiser to bring in someone who has been waiting to prove a point in the international stage since years. And not without a splendid performance needless to say. One doesn't expect the BCCI selectors to compromise with hard work, talent and performance. But, why should one lose out for just being old?

Why shouldn't a rotational policy be followed by the BCCI, in the process giving a chance for each and every player to prove his worth? I even today remember Murali Karthik returning to team India for the 7th ODI against Australia from some commentary stuff and bagging 6/27 and further adding 27* runs to see India through. The bowling average is not different from Piyush Chawla, whose name pops up for every team selection. And how does one put a full stop, without giving him a chance for almost five years? And apart from a five wicket haul in the test against Australia at home, and that too on turning track, the services of Amit Mishra is limited I can say.

Isn't there any other leg spinner or a left arm orthodox spinner in a country with 1 billion people, who can make it to the playing eleven? only 3 out of a billion?So what percent?I'm really scared! Hmm..the way the selection of players goes on cannot be guessed what-so-ever. I think that this is the reason as to why team India is not possible to look out for replacements, in case of injury to a player or in case a player retires. In the inaugural edition of the IPL, we could see so many players, whom we had never heard of till then, put up splendid performances. Where have they all gone? It would be nice if the BCCI puts up a criteria for the players are needed to prove in order to make it to the national side. Else, it would only be the part played by luck for a player to be a part of the side.

It would have been nice, had it been possible to bring down ones age!

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