Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Test Match Chemistry

On 19th of December, two tests were scheduled. one of them being the second test between India and England, and the other one being the second test between West Indies and New Zealand. Both of them being the second, as well as the last test of the respective series. Both of them ending in a draw. And what is more coincidence that can be expected? Both the test series India-England and West Indies-New Zealand had both the tests starting on the same day. of course they ended too on same dates need not be said. The first test of both the series started on 11th December and the second test on 19th of the same month.

Something more special would be that once the test series that I mentioned above gets over, there will be exchange of the teams for the next series that is under schedule as per the ICC test tours table. India would be facing New Zealand in March-May coming year after the series against England is over. And on the other hand, England would be facing the West Indies, once the series against India gets over. This would happen somewhere in the month of January. Thanks to the cancellation of India's tour to Pakistan, which made this chemistry happen. Isn't this somewhat fascinating?

Another chemistry would be that Autralia will be touring South Africa once the current South African tour of Australia is done. This as you might be thinking may not be something special. But, guys please wait. More treat is yet to come. Let us go back some three years down the lane where South Africa visits Australia prior to the then VB series in December 2005, following which Australia tour the same South Africa during February the coming year in 2006. The history is found to repeat once again this year too. Noticed!!! Then, Australia had won 5 out of the scheduled 6 tests. If this time, South Africa be able to grab 5 out of 6 test matches, that would be really awesome.

And if one is ready to down the lane to the late 2003, there was the Border-Gavaskar trophy in December 2003, and the next one in October 2004 in India. Even in late 2007 there was Border-Gavaskar trophy held in Australia, and the following one in October 2008 (the coming year). India had retained it at the end of the 2003-04 series and passed it on to Australia in 2004. Similarly, Australia retained it in 2007-08 and passed it on to India in 2008. These series' are not scheduled like the Ashes (that are held for every two years). This is pure coincidence.

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