Monday, December 29, 2008

And finally, Ponting's Nerves Start Ringing

Gone are the days when Ricky Ponting was in all praise for lifting the world cup on two occasions, to be in par with the West Indian legend Clive Lloyd. Gone are the days when Ricky Ponting had 16 consecutive test wins and had 22 consecutive unbeaten test streak. Gone are the days when no matter who was the opposition and who was batting or having a ball, but, the result being the same. Australia win by _ runs or _wickets. Full marks to Greame Smith for taming the not-mighty Aussies. Needless to be said, Austrlia's No 1 test position is numbered. No matter who the successor will be. Doesn't mind as to who will be the king of the test throne.

All the good work done by the then legends Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Gilchrist, Langer and many others are now coming to an end. Neither are Ricky Ponting & Hayden at their best, nor is Brett Lee at his bowling best. And thinking about replacements for the aforementioned legends would be just a waste of time. Now, that they have lost a test series to the Proteas at home, the fate of the present Australian team, which was until then the future of the present Australian team, is clear. This victory should not be taken for granted that South Africa dominate test cricket. Though the fact is that Australia no more dominate.

Even a single test win out of the series involving 3 matches, or for the sake, even a draw against the world dominating Australian team would have raised eye brows. But, it would be no surprise even if South Africa go on to win the test series 3-0. This owing to the fact that Australia is just another team and nothing else. Australia haven't been able to win a single test series outside, after winning the Ashes in 2007 (post Warne/McGrath). And could only manage to whitewash Sri Lanka just before the B-G trophy in Australia in 2007, which Sri Lanka came so close to winning-courtesy: Kumara Sangakkara's 192.

Now, Australia has proved where they now stand in test cricket. However, the Proteas now have a long way to go, in case they need to prove their worth in test cricket. For, a test series victory against Australia could also see South Africa lose to a comparatively weaker side like Sri Lanka on their tour. It is no great achievement for any team to beat the current Australian team, when the same team could not even settle for a draw during the days when Australia dominated world test cricket. And not a mean achievement either. This barring teams like Bangladesh whose ability to even draw a test match comes in for much praise.

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stoph verismo said...

It must have really been frustrating the rest of the world that Australia were THAT good, because every blog i've read since SA won has been just like yours, gloating. And what have you achieved in this blog post apart from a lame gloat, nothing but stating the obvious!

i think you will find that anyone remotely interested in Australian cricket saw this coming... and we all knew the reason why- selectors!
no one here in Australia is anything but in praise of G.Smith and his fine players who won because they were the better side, we are mad at our own.

the attitude for 15 years while Australia was dominating was "this is boring when we continually win by an innings." The rest of the world needs to step up; and they have; and it is good for the game.

the one thing i think you will find now at the end of the Australian dominance that will be different to the end off the W.Indies dominance before us is that we will assess, rebuild and come back. this may take 4-5 years, but it will happen.

stoph verismo