Wednesday, December 17, 2008

After pakistan, Its Sri Lanka

Well, in one of my earlier posts, I had written about the fortune that Pakistan cricketers faced, when they are on a roll to overcome the record for most consecutive victories in one day internationals, that is currently held by Australia, for winning 21 consecutive one day matches, between V B Series 2002 to their West Indies tour in 2003, just after the world cup the same year. Currently, Pakistan have 14 consecutive one day victories, with five each against minnows namely Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, and three against West Indies. The fourteenth one being against India in the Asia cup 2008.

Now, even another team in Sri Lanka are having the same luck, after whitewashing Zimbabwe recently, now, they are heading towards facing another minnow Bangladesh, which can assure Sri Lanka a seven straight win, with a match against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe due in the month of January 2009. But, it seems like the Sri Lankan cricket is shying away from achieving this, by scheduling a tour to Pakistan in January 2009, in case India fail to do so. I hope that the Sri Lankan Cricket is not aware of this for the moment. Else, Sri Lankan Cricket may re-consider their decision of touring Pakistan.

This is very much evident, bacause, Sri Lankan Cricket, earlier refused to have a bi-lateral series against England, owing to a $40 million deal with the IPL. Money gaining precedence over nation. And even this move would not be surprising either. Touring Pakistan may narrow its chances of achieving a consecutive one day win track record. For, the chances of a Sri Lankan win over Pakistan is unlikely as far as history and the current form of the Sri Lankan cricketers goes. Even Pakistan would find itself being deceived from having been given a chance to surpass the Aussie record for the most consecutive one day victories.

With the Sri Lanka- Pakistan series resulting always beng in a toss, a Pakistan win is as unlikely as a Sri Lankan win. But, this is not the case regarding Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. So, I would suggest both the PCB and SLC to re-consider their decision to hold a bi-lateral series.

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