Friday, November 7, 2008

India Win The Border-Gavaskar Series

All cheers for team India for taking a 1-0 lead in the second test atMohali.But, winning the series 3-0 or even 2-0 would be a good result I believe.Looks like that is not bound to happen as long as there are curators of the likes of Radhey Shyam Sharma,who prepares the pitches taking into consideration only the Indian aspect of the game.With India being 1-0 up in the series,it looks like the pitch curators will adapt all sorts of unfair means to see that the opponents do not come back in the series.Is this the sportsmanship that is expected from the Indian sides?When Indian cricket fans can condemn the Sydney test episode,isn't there anything that is to be said regarding these kind of tests which happen in India only when India takes an initial lead in the series?

This is not the first time that team India has undergone through such tests at home after taking a lead in the initial stages.In the recent past,this type of gimmicks.In the recent past,every series has such kind of a pitch which assists the batsmen owing to which the match ends in a pale draw.In the India-Pakistan series late last year,which India won 1-0 too,the second and third games were high scoring,which eventually ended in a draw.Such type of pitches suit the likes of Gautam Gambhir and Wassim Jaffer,who can only prove their myths on a belter like those.If such is the case,why go in for a three match series and why not a one match series?

The cunning face never ends there.Take for example the series against South Africa earlier this year.India had gone one down in the second test,after drawing the first. And for their fortune,all the pitch for third test just did was to turn the ball even for the likes of Virender Sehwag.This aided a team like India who are a good spinning side.(In the sense spinning the ball and not the match).Harbhajan Singh made full use of such a turning track to level the series 1-1.The last time any opponent has bounced back after being down in the series is in 2006 during England's tour of India ,where England levelled the series 1-1,thrshing India by a whooping 300 runs.

Since then,Indian pitch curators have taken to this idea to save India from the jaws of defeat.Is this the reason as to why team India gets punished on tours abroad despite a series win at home against the same opposition?The last time India have won a series abroad is against the West Indies 1-0,after the then West Indies team led by Brian Lara,shattered Rahul Dravid's team India from taking home a 3-0 series victory. Remember the tour of India to South Africa in late 2006,which South Africa won 2-1 after being 1-1.Time will tell even if teams like Australia and England follow the same, when England won the Ashes in 2005,after being 1-1 with the third match drawn.And Australia after being 2-1 up against India in early this year,drew the fourth test.

At the end,such issues cannot be dealt with,with each one finding an unfair means to tackle the opposition.After all,even the ICC is governed by humans.Ha ha ha..


Aniridh Gupta said...

Your blogging style is equivalent to bringing an oyester.Posts put up by u is just unique and superb.KUDOS bro..TC

Surya said...

Humans need to become gods in order to catch such things up.Until then,things will continue.Good Article