Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where Have The other Teams Gone? times,its too much cricket and during other periods,it absolutely no cricket at all.Reason?Well..right now,there are only two test series' in progress,namely,the Australian tour of India and the other being the New Zealand's tour of Bangladesh. The latter tour is almost over,with the second test's play in doubt after the first three days of play were taken care of by rain.Even the Border Gavaskar trophy is nearing its climax, with the third test match in progress and the fourth to be concluded somewhere next week or so.And upon searching through some cricket websites,no clue upon the current or the forth coming cricket series are available.

So,the scenario right here is that only two teams out of nine are holding their cricket kits and the rest of them have hung them up for a certain period of time.October is over,and in November,we have Sri Lankan tour of Zimbabwe,which is packed with only 5 ODIs and England's tour of India in late November and to be concluded in early December.The other series off late is New Zealand's tour to Australia-where they will face each other in two tests and five ODIs.The next time when one can see a match involving South Africa,Sri lanka and the West Indies is somewhere in January nest year.And regarding Pakistan,its a gone case.

The busiest team at the moment would be Australia,who will be hosting New Zealand next month,followed South Africa,and the hosting the same in February next year. And Sri Lanka would be playing a full fledged cricket tournment would be in April next year,when they tour England.Even that tour stands in a balance,with the SLC permitting its players to feature in the IPL second edition,by signing a contract worth $40 million with the BCCI,with money gaining precedence over country contracts. Pakistan's next international series would be involving India in February 2009,with more than a year gone without playing a test match.I wish atleast this series takes off without any problems whatsoever.Sri Lanka would be playing a test series after a long gap of 8 months,South Africa after 4 months and the great West Indies will be paying New Zealand in December,5 months after concluding a test tour against Australia.

With keeping in mind the ICC tables and the ongoing cancellations of cricket tours,be it either for security concerns or the greed for money owing to which some cricket boards prefer to cancel their internatioal tours,the future tours are always in a toss.

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Short Backward Square said...

England are faily busy at the moment too. Trying to win $1m each in Antigua.