Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trains Are Always Late In India....

Well with all of us cricket fans and bloggers in particular having a bad day infact a bad minth to be precise,finally there is some cheer for all of us cricket bloggers as the first test between India and Australia of the Border-Gavaskar trophy has already started and day 1 has left us with a lot of issues to move our hands on the keyboard.The recent test match in the Irany trophy was all but boring.However,its not justice for there was a month and a half without any test,one day or a T20 game.So bad?A little bit of concern and thinking would have brought smiles on the faces of cricket fans that even the ICC Champions Trophy wouldn't have.

Another episode of the IPL would not have been a bad idea with all of the world's players on a halt.Had this been the case,the series would have been even more thrilling compared to the first edition,wherein,players like Symonds,Hayden, McCullum etc were forced to opt out owing to their national commitments.This time had it been,there would have not been any such problems as most of them were just putting on some weight. But,thanks to Lalith Modi and BCCI for lack of thinking.

This reminds me of the trains in India,which are late on most occasions.But,this train was so late that the journey had to be absolutely cancelled.Though the ICC Champions Trophy was cancelled on 24th August 2008,there was all possibilities to conduct another mega event.But...?Alas!Almost a month and a half was just wasted for nothing which would have been made a lot spectacular.Is the BCCI listning?

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