Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adding Fuel To Fire?

Oh! no..not again..The talks until last week or a month contained most about fears about travelling to Pakistan with major teams like Australia,England,New Zealand and South Africa off late threatening to pull back from the tournament had the CT not been shifted,which forced the ICC to cancel the tournament this year and postpone it to 2009.And now,after a series of blasts in Delhi off late,which was preceded by such blasts in Jaipur,Bangalore,Ahmedabad and Surat,the issue is now getting shifted to whether Australia will continue their tour to India which is scheduled this October.Coincidence being that Bangalore and Delhi are the venues for the first and the third test match.

Cricket Ahead had in the earlier post had dismissed South Africa's pull out from the ICC Champions Trophy from Pakistan saying it was all rubbish.But,now I feel that the security concern more than travelling to Pakistan,the major threat lies in travelling to India.In the last two years or so,I doubt whether there is any Indian city yet to be bombed?The number is countless.It all started in Pakistan somewhere in late December with the return of Benazir Bhutto.By the time 2009 October arrives, the situation can be hoped to have cooled down to a major extent.But,regarding India,I'm really sorry whatsoever..

Being an Indian,I should never be saying this.But,the situation is demanding it I believe.Its frustrating that so many lives are lost back to back in all major cities.With this being the case,I don't find any team (be it Australia alone) who would cite security concerns in travelling to India.Traveling to India is equivalent to travelling to Iraq or Afghanistan for that matter.Even the situation there is much better I guess compared to India.Well..the hopes of the situation getting better is however out of question.It isb the fate of some ill fated Indians to fall prey to such attacks,atleast, people who have the option can think before travelling to India.

It would not be a wrong decision by Australia if they decide not to travel to India citing security reasons.

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