Monday, August 25, 2008

Whats Wrong With South Africa?

Well after much drama by Australia and Symonds especially,now,even South Africa has decided to follow suite it looks.How funny?Ha ha ha..I wonder as to whats the issue that continues to haunt these teams from touring Pakistan,when its so called enemy nation in India is least bothered about the security concerns in this so called trouble torn nation?Already,Australia has put off its tour scheduled this year citing the same security concerns.Is it only countries like Australia,South Africa and New Zealand concerned about security and the remaining five teams (excluding Pakistan itself) are least bothered about their security?When fans who are excited to see their heroes are far from being allowed even to take their autographs or photographs,does anyone think that the security issue that is found worrying Australia and co is really justified?

Didn't India and South Africa tour Sri Lanka despite a bomb blast very close to the hotel in which the Indian team lodged?Off course,South Africa did have a problem then too.But,I don't think that things are that horrible that one opts not to take the risk of touring that country.In 2003,South Africa refused to travel Sharjah when U.S forces attacked Iraq,only to be proved to be wrong when Zimbabwe and Kenya who travelled instead of South Africa had no problems absolutely.The same happened when Indian team travelled to Bangladesh in 2005 despite threats especially to Sachin Tendulkar.

I wonder as to which part of the globe is really safe in today's world?There were serial blasts in Jaipur when most of the Australian and South African players were here taking part in the multi million dollar IPL.Some of the Australian and South African players also threatened to pull out.But...?The only manner in which one can support the pull out of nations from Pakistan could be in protest against these inhuman acts by such people,following which such acts could be curbed in future.If this is not the case,I think the issue should not be taken too far.

Though not completely secure,I don't think the situation is so worst.If this is the case,its really interesting and amazing that the ICC is not showing any intrest in shifting the venue despite pull out threats from Pakistan.And how come none of the Indian players nor the BCCI is concerned about the same?I think it would be advisible for teams to stop worrying about security concerns in Pakistan,for such a mega event would be secured to the maximum extent possible.

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