Sunday, May 4, 2008

Royal Challengers Or Royal Losers?

After some consolation win against Mumbai Indians at Mumbai,there was some relief for the Royal Challengers team.Though the win not being a convincing one as far as the Royal Challengers were concerned,it could have been a motivation for the upcoming matches involving tough teams like Kings XI Punjab,Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Superstars.But,as a Banglorean,it was once again disappointing for me especially since the Royal Challengers were back to their routine of losing matches. And this time they did just the same,by forfeiting the match to Rajasthan Royals.The word Royal being common to both the teams out there.But,only one team emerged as Royals,and that being the Rajasthan team.

If not for Ross Taylor who scored 44 runs off 20 balls,it was as though the rest of them were playing a one day match over there.Most of the strike rates falling between 100 and 150 and some even in the range of less than 100.And as it usually happens with the Royal Challengers,six out of ten batsmen had strike rates of less than 100.And our gr8 Rahul Dravid could score nothing but a golden duck.It looks like the Wall has mistaken the word Golden duck with that of a goose that lays golden eggs.Ha ha Just kidding!!!

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