Monday, May 12, 2008

Mumbai Indians: From Rags To Riches

The icon player of the tournament is a gone case I guess.With Sachin Tendulkar postponing his debut in the Indian Premier League every match,it is high time that the fans give their hopes of watching the magic of this Mumbai lad in this form of the game too.But,the Mumbai Indians don't seem to put it in front of them like it was apparent from the way they started their T20 League.It was some relief for the Mumbai Indians' fans for they were found to beat the in form Delhi Daredevils who have had a great start.

And even this time there was a little bit of disappointment for Jayasuriya fans out there because,though he got onto a great start as he always does,he could not get the momentum going.He was found to blast the bowlers all over the fence,but the innings life didn't last too long.The batsman scored 34 runs off 16 balls which included 6 hits to the fence followed up by one six.It is really disappointing to see the batsman who has held the record for the maximum sixes in one day internationals,is finding it hard to even pound one or a couple of them over the fence.

But,Shaun Pollock was delightful to watch as he had put up an all round performance by picking up 2 important wickets and also blasting a 15 ball 33 to see his side through.Well the funny aspect of the match being that Virender Sehwag was unable to get the strike.The man was found face just seven deliveries from the first six overs.For the last two matches,the Mumbai Indians have been able to find one or the other inform player.If it was Sanath Jayasuriya in the last game,it was Pollock in the match against Delhi Daredevils.

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