Saturday, April 26, 2008

Which Format of Cricket Were the Mumbai Indians Playing?

More Money,more disappointment?

Hmm..with Mumbai being one of the four metropolitan cities in India,one difference if someone asks me is this..With the rest of the metropolitan cities namely Delhi Daredevils,Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Superkings being in a dominant position from the beginning of this tournament,the Mumbai Indians (sad to say) have so far just made a mess of their game.

Boasting of having an icon player in Sachin Tendulkar-who is still yet to turn up for his team and even if he does,god knows what would he be upto..And then the great Sanath Jayasuriya who has a record in ducks when it comes to the ODIs,also a responsible batsman for Sri Lanka.Some hopes of the Mumbai Indians that one can see is that of Harbhajan Singh and Shaun Pollock.It would be nice if these two are made to handle the entire 20 overs slot.

At the end of the Mumbai Indians' innings,the run rate read 5.8.Something rare in the present one day internationals also.And a common gesture in tests involving Australia against Bangladesh & West Indies.And Sanath Jayasuriya's score reading "1 run from 7 balls at a strike rate of 14.28".Then we have Robin Uttappa who has so far recorded two scores above 40.But,at a strike rate of just above hundred,when the series has witnessed strike average rates of 150+,and some of them crossing even the 200 mark.

A less experienced like Piyush Chawla picking up 2/16 from 4 overs.Khote's hit wicket-which is a rare manner of getting out.With teams like Mumbai Indians getting filtered so easily,it looks the multi million dollar Indian Premier League is becoming more and more predictable.

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