Monday, April 14, 2008

Oooops A Last BAll Thriller !!!

Well even if cricket is all about belting the ball as far as possible,there are some exciting situations that can bring a lot of craze into cricket,and especially if thats some action oriented.And thats what happened last week in the first one dayer between Sri Lanka and West Indies.The match according to me was one of the greatest ODIs of the lot.The reason being the last ball six hit by Shivnarine Chanderapaul to take a lead in the three match series.

Well..the instance has taken place in two more occasions as per my knowladge.One that is afresh in the people's mind is that done by Javed Miandad against India at Sharjah-way back in 1980's to give a rigid reply to Sharma's ego and under estimating the last ball as well as the Pakistan team,when Pakistan needed 4 runs off the last delivery,and another instance is the lesser known,or I bet none of you know this:the match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in 2006 where Zimbabwe needed 6 runs and the maximum off the last ball,and the batsman(not sure of his name exactly) did just that.Last we have the six off the last ball hit by Asif Mujtaba to force the opposition(Australia) settle for a tie.

The first occasion involving India & Pakistan is some what a back answer to the bowlers' ego I can say,while the other two simply being the best because the required shot was not ready to compromise in any manner-only a six would settle the matter and the batsmen involved were found to do just that.The India-Pakistan encounter could have even ended in a tie had a four been hit,but not so in the other two occasions.What say?

This is what I call a perfect match,which is filled with all guess' and thrills.And finally landing some disappointed and some others frustrated and the remaining just staring at the TV for replays.

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