Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Never Ending Shoaib Akthar Episode

A flash news yesterday read:The PCB banns Shoaib for 5 years.It would be nice if one could go to a flash back regarding Shoaib Akthar's all starts with Shoaib's throw rather than calling it a bowling.The bowler was damn lucky when someone like Muralitharan was frequently warned,no-balled and much more.Rather call it humiliated for his bowling action.But,Shoaib was never accused for such an awesome action.God knows why.

And most of his career has been prone with injuries in one form or the other.Rarely Shoaib has been of some service to Pakistan cricket when it really mattered.But,his attendence has been found to be 100% when it comes to some off field actions or for wrong reasons I can say.The man was found guilty of hitting his fellow team mates-Shahid Afridi & Mohd Asif during a practice session during Pakistan's home series against South Africa.And then we have the dopoing scandal which involved Shoaib along with Asif-easily let off by PCB.

Well another luck awaited Shoaib as he is now allowed to play in the multi million dollar Indian Premier League.
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