Friday, April 4, 2008

Indian Cricket League:Lahore Badshahs-A Perfect Finalist

On Thursday,after the Indian batting debacle in Ahmedabad against South Africa,there was something else for cricket fans to watch out for.This is the private cricket tournament in Indian Cricket League,which hosted the match between Lahore Badshahs vs Kolkata Tigers,which was the perfect semi finals and not ought to be missed.Both the teams put up a thorough fight and alas!there had to be just one winner of the match who would book a place in the finals of the second edition of the tournament.

The winner was off course Lahore Badshahs,who are till now the only team to be undefeated in the tournament.A loss to these Lahore Badshahs in the semis would have been nothing but injustice to the same.But,even the Kolkata Tigers were not found to compromise either.Even they were found to fight fire with fire,riding high on Lance Klusner's 57 ball 91,but eventually fell short by a small of 7 runs.

But,according to my opinion,it was the Lahore Badshahs who deserved a place in the finals-not only because they have been unbeaten throughout the tournament,but also posted a decent total which was not of one,but a contribution of the entire team,unlike in the Kolkata Tigers' case where only Lance Klusner was found to blast,while others were only clapping their hands to finally end their campaign.

As the trend goes,I would bet on the Lahore Badshahs who in my opinion would emerge as the champions of the second edition of the Indian Cricket League.

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