Saturday, March 15, 2008

BCCI-Bad Cricket Control in India?

Hmm..the multi million dollar-Indian Premier League auctions' part1 got over a month ago.And then recently,the second round of the IPL auctions result also got over.The result as well as details are known to almost each everyone over here I guess.All you readers would have wondered as to why the blog had no posts regarding the same.And here is the answer to that!

With each and every player-irrespective of his caliber being awarded millions of dollars,I think the BCCI is taking advantage of the craze for cricket in the nation.I wonder as to what will the franchisees get in return for hiring players like Dinesh karthik,Mohd Kaif,Rahul Dravid(whose T20 stats is not that pleasing) so on and so forth?And with the BCCI being known as the richest cricket board in the world,why did it go in for other franchisees rather than itself sponsoring all the teams?For what does the money earned by the BCCI being used for?

Is the BCCI listning?

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