Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paul Collingwood:A Captain's Knock

"Better Late Than Never"->It looks like these were the words what England's captain Paul Collingwood was assumed telling himself.Because after the first two defeats against New Zealand,and that too without a good fight,England had no other go other than to go for a win to keep their hopes alive in the series.And much to everyone's amazement,Paul Collingwood did just that.

Paul Collingwood scored an unbeaten 70 off just 50 balls which consisted of 6 fours and 3 sixes to guide England to a 6 wicket victory at Aukland.After being 2-0 before this match,it seemed that Paul Collingwood had learnt his lessons from the two defeats.He once again showed us that even England can afford to win matches-when there were hardly anyone betting on England.

England have always been on their toes when it comes to grabbing an upset win against any opposition.Like they won the ashes 2005 after being pounced by a 239 run defeat in the first test.The second instance of England fooling the opposition is in the Commonwealth bank series 2007.England were not even considered to be there in the race to book a place in the finals,when it snatched an upset win against Australia-by beating them convincingly in the first two of the three finals.

But,most of the times,it is England who are rated as underdogs when it comes to ODIs.The team could win only a match against West Indies in the World Cup 2007, just one win against Zimbabwe in the T20 championship.But,came as a surprise against New Zealand by winning the first two T20 matches.When all expected England to lose the home series to India after India successfully chased a 300+ score at The Oval.As all expected England lost the first two ODIs against New Zealand, bounced back by winning the third convincingly.

This shows that England is no less talented when it comes to the big stage.But,the question as to why the team,on most of the occasions puts up a dismal performance is still unanswered.Is it the players' laziness...?God Knows!

Well..after studying this stats,I feel that one has to watch a match involving England only after it puts up one or two dismal performances.Thats how English cricket could be exciting I beleive...

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