Monday, February 18, 2008

Andrew Symonds:Shame On You

February 22nd 2004:The second ODI between Sri Lanka and Australia.

The match witnessed some heroics from the Sri Lankan cricket team.Andrew Symonds was given out leg before by umpire Billy Bowden off the bowling of Chaminda Vass to a delivery which Symonds had snikked.But,there was something from the Sri Lankan cricket team that deserved a pat on their back.Once the team was aware that Symonds had a slight inside edge on the ball,Sri Lankans showed their sportive spirit by calling Symonds back to the crease.

February 15th 2008:The 6th ODI between Sl and Aus

The same Symonds who was given life by the Sri Lankan team four years ago was found to forget the lessons he was supposed to have learnt from the Sri Lankan team.With Sri lanka in a dominating position,it seemed as though Symonds had found no other way of getting back to the game other fouling.A superb dive to grab a catch.But,the ball was found to have touched the ground before Symonds started appealing.

Full marks for Symonds for going by the lessons taught by his captain Ricky Ponting in the Sydney test against India on January 3rd 2008."Everything is fair in love and war"...So.."Is cricket equivalent to love or war?"

After much criticisms from all over the world by cricket lovers,Australian cricket team members should have learnt their lessons by not repeating the Sydney test episode once more.But,the way Symonds reacted the other day was just rediculous.These thick skinned Aussies are never bound to improve I beleive..

Well Aussies...i have a suggesion for you...after retiring you better cast your eyes on coaching teams with a difference by coaching them not only in techniques,but also on cheating and fouling.Once again "SHAME ON YOU GUYS"

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