Friday, January 18, 2008

A Positive Move By The BCCI

In the recent times,team India has witnessed a series of disappointments regarding the fitness of its players.The recent one being the return of Zaheer Khan back home owing to a heel injury even before the tour had begun.This was not the first of its kind.A series of injuries to players like R P Singh,Sreeshanth,Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni forced Indian captain bring in lesser known talents like Ishanth Sharma,Dinesh Karthik and Yuvraj Singh.

Though the performance of those is in no doubt,it points out the lack of sense in selecting players.It looked like the selection committee does selection only based on performance ,forgetting the other aspect ie the form and consistency of the same.

Things will no longer be the same for team India.The National Cricket Acadamy-Bangalore has come up with a new idea of selecting players who are totally fit for the contest.The players will undergo drills and have their fitness levels monitored before declaring them totally fit for the tour-unlike in the past where the players would submit fitness certificates from their doctors to only come back from the mid of the tour leaving the team in dilemma.

The idea is somewhat a good move by the BCCI lest it avoids players from being spectators in uniform.Well done BCCI!

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