Friday, January 25, 2008

Gavaskar or Socrates?

The fact about today's cricket world is that you are not supposed to complain-whatever may come,and especially against the ICC though there's not something but everything wrong going on.If you dare to do so you'll have to face critisisms from all over..and mare fuel to fire if you are from a subcontinent.

This was what happenned to Sunil Gavaskar when he made a harsh but real comment on the ICC and the Aussies -by accusing Procter for going after the word 'White Man' rather than 'Brown Man'after the Sydney test's ugly episode.Though the issue was blown out of proportion,was there any justice done to the Indian team which had to lose even though it was no its fault?If now that the ICC points its fingers at Sunil Gavaskar not only for the present comments but also for the unruly behaviour in the tour of Australia down under in 1981 when he was not happy with the umpire ruling him out leg before and threatned to call off the match,why did the ICC initially deny the removal of Steve Bucknor from the remaining matches untill India forced them to do so?

Hmm..this is arrogance-by calling Mike a 'White Man',but why not look at the other face of the coin?Why not ban or conduct an enquiry into Bucknor case-which may reveal even some ugly faces like that of match fixing and betting to be involved.Wasn't Gavaskar the ICC chair person and dosen't he have the right to speak when a harsh thing is done to his once side?It justs looks like that the ICC wants to put an end to the serious matter by shifting its focus on petty issues like this one.

It would be nice for Gavaskar to read about the famous Socrates who was poisoned to death for the crime of speaking the truth.

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