Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't You Dare Talk About Sportsmanship!

The Sydney test witnessed some ugly twists and turns.The first one of them being the eight wrong umpiring decesions that went in favour of the Aussies.The next one was the unnecessary appeal by Aussies-especially Ricky Ponting,Michael Clarke hesitating to walk after being caught at the slips,Clarke claiming a grounded catch of Sourav Ganguly which was supported by his captain Ricky Ponting.All these led to people questioning about Ricky Ponting's sportsmen spirit.But what aout the wrong decesion by the third umpire who ruled out the stumping of Symonds in favour of the batsman?

There's a saying "A picture is worth a thousand words,a video is worth a thousand pictures".

In such a case what was the excuse that could be given for the bad decesion by the third umpire-Oxenford?

And also Indians who were at their peak in pointing their fingers at Ponting and co,have to take a look at themselves once again.Were Indians playing with the true spirit of the game?Why were the decesions favouring Aussies being blown out of proportion when nobody talked about the wrong decesion given to Ponting when he was judged lbw off a snikked ball?The figures and the match results may say anything.But that's another issue altogether.

And,you Indian fans, players and management what was Ishanth Sharma trying to say about the true sportsmanship when he got into the ground and started asking for gloves when there was some 10 minutes to go-to see a draw by any means?Do you call this sort of Indian attitude a sportsman spirit?

And comming to the talk of the day-the test victory in Perth,which saw two wrong decisions favouring Indians.A clean snikked ball of Andrew Symonds being given out and the ball which was found going above the stumps which was given OUT!Why wasn't any critisisms about those?Just because it is the mighty Aussies which have been at the receiving end?Well thats why the saying goes"Think before you speak"

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