Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Cycle Stand At Superspots Park

West Indies are in no mood to play.Forget about winning against a noted opposition.This reckless has been their batting during their first two matches against South Africa in the home series.A 50 over match that was truncated to 38 overs a side after rain,still losing had been the West Indies' challenge-it looks like.Because even those over could see West Indies losing all ten wickets,with 1 ball to spare.

West Indies' innings saw 4 wickets fall in a space of 9 balls.West Indies' scorecard read from 150/6 after 33.3 overs to 175 all out after 35.5 overs.It was like a fall of cycles in a stand where the entire row falls by the fall of one.With a captain like Bravo,who hardly deserves to be in the team,who exists for the lone reason for lack of replacements,the result cannot be expected to be different in any manner.Shivnaraine Chanderapaul is the only other name that can catch the eyes of the spectators.

A team like Zimbabwe-which is not thought to be in par with the other teams at the moment was found putting in a lot of effort in its tour of Pakistan down under.And even Bangladesh not to mention.The West Indies' are found to lose the match even before they start playing.Well West Indies,the history is wll past behind you.A gully cricket for you guys would be a perfect option!!

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