Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Carried Over By One Victory!!!

January 19th 2008-India registered its first victory in the Border-Gavaskar trophy.There were cheers all over the world after the Sydney test controversies.An Indian victory worth deserving.Also a sweet revenge for the touring team.But to what avail???Perhabs!the Indians had forgotten that they were still lagging behind the Aussies by 1-2.All they were eying was for a test win and not the series it seemed!!!

It was a must win situation for the Indians when they were to play the fourth test at Adelaide.A ray of hope was however provided by Sachin Tendulkar who scored a 150plus score.None of the recognized batsman viz.,M S Dhoni,Irfan Pathan,Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly failed to deliver.It is really shame on these so called greats of Indian batting who left the team in shackles,untill tail enders like Anil Kumble,Harbhajan Singh and Ishanth Sharma got in and settled things alright for their team.

Had team India got carried over by the win in Adelaide on their last tour?Hmm..nothing can be ruled out.

And the bowlers too share equal blame for giving the Aussies ample time out there-allowing them to get on to good starts,build partnerships and finally take a lead.Though it can be argued that the Aussie batsmen consumed as many as 181 overs compared to India's 152 overs,isn't test cricket concerned with spending time out there in the middle?Isn't it the Indians lack of guts to get them all out earlier in the day??Isn't bowling and fielding a part of the game??

And the funniest of all-the Indian second innings!!My god-what were the Indians trying to do by batting it all untill the end??Have they forgotten the rules of test cricket.One has to look at the way the Pakistanis batted against India at Bangalore in the third test.The match and the series result might say whatever..but each and every moment out there,the Pakistanis tried to win so as to see the series levelled.

Just by blowing the Sydney test controversy out of proportion,the Indians thought the they could get away with everything.Even the hearts of millions of Indian fans all over the world.With winning and losing being another issue,it is the way the teams go out there and play which is appreciated.A little bit of thinking by the Indian team would have acheived the unimaginable-a series levelled,despite the Sydney syndrome.The Indians are satisfied with the tag of being the toughest opponent for Australia.Thats all.

Well Indians...try doing what you can do and not focus on issues about things which you have no control over.howzaat!!!

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